Assessment and Admission

The Oaks Outpatient Behavioral Health Centers


  • Referral

The Oaks Outpatient Behavioral Health Centers provide psychiatric assessment and referral services by appointment and as a community service.  These services are offered to anyone regardless of insurance coverage or whether treatment ultimately is received at one of our centers or elsewhere.

  • Assessment

The admission process begins with a thorough assessment completed by a licensed, trained Assessment and Referral clinician.  Assessments can be completed by phone or on-site.


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  • Review

Once the assessment is complete, the clinician reviews the criteria with the attending physician, and the appropriate level of care is determined.  The clinician will also contact the insurance provider, if applicable.  Heritage Oaks Hospital is an approved provider for most insurance companies, HMO’s, PPO’s, TriCare, and Medicare.  Alternative methods or payment will be discussed if insurance is not available.

  • Treatment

Upon admission, the patient is assigned to a psychiatrist on our staff.  On the first day of a patient’s outpatient treatment, we provide a thorough orientation to the program.


To protect the privacy of our clients, they are each given a client confidentiality number upon admission. This acts as a code that allows the staff to acknowledge that the client is in our program. If a client wants to have detailed information about his/her treatment shared with anyone, the client must sign a Release of Information form and return it to us to facilitate the sharing of any such information.


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